Are you running a business with no dashboard? 

This is a must read for every collision repair facility owner, regardless of their size or apparent success. This book fills a huge gap in the market, as there are very few books dedicated to this industry worldwide, and what there is, often do not reflect our current market.

Rex Crowther, Editor Panel Talk Magazine 

Reader reviews

 I had the pleasure of first meeting Gavin at an MTAQ information seminar about 15 years ago. Two things that still ring in my ears from that day are 

" know your numbers boys" and " if you can't measure it, you cant fix it" Gav's knowledge of and passion for the industry is 2nd to none and I've loved listening and learning ever since. I've had the privilege of "proof reading" the book and it's a fantastic read. I'm looking forward to part 2 in the near future  

Russ Hill, National Client Manager


 “Gavin’s book is written from his heart and years of experience helping people. As he demonstrates, from having coaches and mentors himself, that going it alone without “trusted authorities” will slow you down and limit your ability to get to the “drive for 45% GP%, and the “15% for Green” or double digit profit    Excellent read, highly recommended for all who want to “thrive and not just survive” in 2022 and beyond!  

Steve Trapp, Strategic Accounts Manager in EMEA Region for Axalta Coating 

I've known Gavin for many years and have been thoroughly impressed by his ability to help body shops. This book is a must read for owners and staff who want to control their shop into the future."


Ryan Taylor, CEO Bodyshop Booster 

Know Your Numbers is an essential read for any collision repair business (and for any small to midsize business for that matter) that blends practical guidance, earned experience, inspiration and hope for leadership teams all in one.


Rick Snyder, CEO of Invisible Edge and 

author of Decisive Intuition 

This is the perfect book for collision repairers everywhere. Gavin not only helps the reader learn the most important metrics, but also does a masterful job of demonstrating how they impact every key area of a business. The book contains outstanding personal stories and case-studies that make the book enjoyable to read and apply. Whether you want to improve your profitability, your shop’s culture, or create a better customer experience, Gavin’s book will help.  

 Dave Luehr, Author of The Secrets of America’s Greatest Body Shops Founder of Elite Body Shop Solutions  

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Gavin manages to distil a huge amount of experience into 10 easy-to-read chapters.  His realistic and practical approach offers something for every repair shop operator from the first-time manager to the well-established business owner.

Steven Brett, Managing Director,

Axalta Coating Systems

Australia and New Zealand 

Know Your Numbers! It's The Heartbeat Of Your Business is available via all major selling channels.

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About the author

Gavin McGahey has amassed over 40 years’ experience in the Collision Repair Industry. After selling his own Collision Repair Business he started a relief management & consultancy company which then lead to founding Planning Plus Software

He has assisted Bodyshop owners in multiple countries to look at their business differently & take on a new mindset when it comes to profitability & culture. Gavin has a unique approach to coaching & totally engages his clients.

Gavin lives in northern NSW & continues his love of water skiing & cycling. Check out his first Industry book entitled “Know Your Numbers, The Heartbeat of Your Business.”  

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